Knocking down the wall,Speical racer drone

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Professional racer

Designed for racing, with the fast speed and passion,
F210 3D Edition gives you incomparable flight enjoyment.

  • Receiver
  • Flight Control
  • Brushless ESC
  • Battery
  • OSD

The receiver has been optimized to improve the speed of response even faster than before, RX response 5 ms,4 times faster in speed.

Faster response
4 times
The response speed is
5 ms

Flight Control adopt the latest F3D flight control system, it’s design for providing a high-performance flying experience to player, it has a proven sensor algorithms, while providing unparalleled high performance experience, the use of a new generation of CPU concentrating all design onto a lightweight flight control, F3D flight control system will give your aircraft all the functionality required, whether you are doing FPV competitions, aerobatics, aerial photography, it will be perfect. Player can also adjust parameters according to their needs.

Brushless ESC (ESC), small size, high efficiency, full-featured, light weight, easy to install, good stability, high cost, it has many years of experience in ESC manufacturing and high-quality technical support services, by optimizing not only can improve the positive and negative acceleration, but also improve the highly resistant of current capability, and and better capability of resisting disturbance, greatly reduce the possibility of loss of control. Let F210 3D Edition become more stable and can break the routine play in racing flight.

Based on many years of experience in structural design. The battery of F210 3D edition with super capacity has high rate discharge performance, .Optimized Li-po electric core and TX76 seamless interation make the flight time more long, and the flight more safe.

F210 3D edition with OSD bring you more novel and convenient interactive experience. Optimzed OSD,Lock/Unlcok, Low batter indication,Horizon line and Signal receiver alarm functions, get more information in the flight,It is more easy to make a racer flying with Optimized OSD.

Lock/Unlock indication
Low Voltage indication
Fail safe indication

F210 3D Edition craft and design

Breakthrough design makes F210 3D Edition essentially improved. With a new bow body design and carbon fiber material , it has superior ruggedness and anti-drop ability . Though improved small details , it will definitely give you more satisfactionAxis equidistant design ensures the gravity center of the aircraft in the middle , which makes the flight more stable and turning agiler. Motor protection cover makes flying safer.

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With the adjustable angle and high-definition night vision camera, and real-time image transmission, the camera
can present a complete and detailed picture, even in cloudy day or at night, it can also get a good image quality, let the players fly the racer freely.

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visual range
Night vision camera

Remote control

The classic remote controller DEVO 7 has sensitive joystick and buttons, brings better control experience and human - computer interaction . The ergonomic contour design makes it convenient to use.

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Incomparable advantages, exceed your expectation